Monday, May 2, 2011


9 copies only. c-30 rattle snake skin inserts.
(some of the skins may include live bugs or their sheddings, they've been lvng off the skins in the cases for a couple years)

I will have some on tour this may/june.

slut dungeon touch the goblin spring tour

5/ Cleveland, OH w/ Aaron Dilloway, john mannion
6/ 313 Pare Street in Clawson, MI starts at 8 ends by 10:30 w/ cyngus and paranoid time
7/ Dayton, OH The Gates of Hell w/ Being
9/ Milwuakee w/ John Mannion
10/ Minneapolis w/ John Mannion
11/ Pending
12-18 time off in Ft. Collins, a house show in there somewhere
19/ Denver Co Rhinoceropolis w/ CAPTAIN AHAB Sterile Garden*
20-26 OFF
27/ Dallas, tx, pheonix project
28/ Austin, TX w/ vrs
29/ Houston, TX w/ vrs, streetmeat, rusted shut (we'll see)
30/ help
31/Memphis, TN w/tarpit/dog lady/sickllama/andrewkirchner starts around 3:00 pm
1/ Hideaway 235 e main stjohnson city,TN mannequin hollowcaust/hostage pageant*
2/ NC
3/ Fairfax, VA candlehuas
4/ Red Light District w/ wet hair
5/ New Haven